Cane Bay

The town has a lovely combination of shops and restaurants that are unique to Cane Bay.

Cane Bay Real Estate

A vibrant and family-friendly city with a classic South Carolina feel
Cane Bay is a beautiful town where you can grab a slice of Southern life. Known for its thriving community, it attracts families and singles alike. Residents love the quick hour drive to the iconic town of Charleston, where you’ll be able to experience the South Carolina coast. If residents want a quicker drive to open waters, they can head up to Lake Moultrie or Lake Marion, where they can enjoy fishing and viewing the local and vibrant wildlife. But you don’t have to drive far to experience waterfront views as Cane Bay is sprinkled with various natural water formations around the area for all to enjoy.
The town has a lovely combination of shops and restaurants that are unique to Cane Bay, giving the area its own personality you won’t find anywhere else.

What to Love

  • Unique South Carolina feel
  • Activities close to the town
  • Tasty restaurant options
  • Shops within walking distance
  • Close to lakes
  • Proximity to Charleston

Local Lifestyle

Cane Bay is the place you want to be if you want a strong community with its own unique voice and bond. It will satisfy that small-town feel that South Carolina is known for, while also providing all the wanted amenities. There are walkable shops, restaurants, and community centers all through town, where residents can enjoy the company of the local townsfolk without having to travel far from home.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

To truly get a taste of the local scene, you can find local eateries and shops right off State Road 176 and Palmetto Walk Drive. Here, you can take care of your basic shopping needs while exploring the unique and creative items the local shops have to offer. In addition to shops, take your pick at local restaurant favorites that’ll be sure to exceed your expectations.
If you’re seeking out the most creative items to decorate your home, give as a gift, or simply see some of the most eclectic art in the region, you will want to go to Infinite Creations. Shoppers get lost in the endless array of designs and eccentric art styles the store has to offer. 
You won’t have to look far for local restaurants either. You can visit esteemed favorites, such as Agaves Cantina, a Mexican restaurant home to classic Mexican dishes, such as tacos, quesadillas, and enchiladas. In addition to food, they have a wide selection of drinks. You can also take a stroll to Eggs Up Grill, which will take care of all your breakfast needs. With dishes like The Big Smokey Melt, Strawberry Cheesecake Pancakes, or the classic Homestead Platter, you simply cannot go wrong. If you’re looking to unwind with good wings and your favorite sports, walk on into the local Buffalo Wild Wings, a national favorite that is sure to provide you with a good time.

Things To Do

At the Cane Bay Family YMCA, you can enjoy their top-notch pool, exercise facilities, and basketball courts. Along with their activity equipment, the YMCA hosts Flowertown Festival, a local festival where the community gathers to experience live music and food from small business vendors. 
Cane Bay is the perfect spot for children and adults alike, but the active adult communities around the area are abundant and thriving. Though this area is perfect for all types of people regardless of age, retirees will absolutely love this community due to its charming and subdued nature.


Cane Bay is served by the Unified School District. 

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