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Commercial Real Estate Sales

Buying or Selling a Commercial Property Checklist

1.    Conduct thorough market research to determine property value and identify key selling points.
○    Have our team of seasoned professionals develop a customized marketing strategy that attracts potential buyers or investors.
2.    Increase visibility of the property in key publications and relevant online platforms.

3.    Schedule property showings and open houses to generate interest.
○    Prepare and provide property information packets to interested parties.

4.    Conduct due diligence on potential buyers or investors to ensure they have the financial resources to purchase the property.

5.    Negotiate purchase price and terms of the sale.

6.    Close the sale and transfer ownership of the property.
○    Coordinate the transaction and closing process to ensure a smooth and successful real estate transaction.
By following these checklists, you'll have a solid understanding of what's needed to successfully buy/sell a commercial property or lease a commercial space. If you need additional assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at [phone number] or [email address]. We're always here to support you in your commercial real estate journey.

Remember, at REHI, we're here to help guide you through all your commercial real estate needs, with expertise, dedication, and Southern charm.